Fr. Georg Sporschill SJ and Ruth Zenkert with the children in Romania

We go where the need is greatest.

For almost 900 years the Transylvanian Saxons lived in Romania. After the events of 1989, almost all of them emigrated. Slums formed behind them, Roma families dwell there in tiny huts without running water usually without access to electricity or gas.


In Transylvania - in the three villages, Hosman, Tichindeal and Nou - we are working on various projects to assist the villagers.

Training workshop


Many young Roma have never completed their basic schooling and thus have no chance to learn a craft. With the help of our training workshop we want to give them this chance and enable them to provide for themselves and their families independently in the future.

Stella Matutina


This April we opened our new house of learning. The Stella Matutina is the centre of the Elijah community.

Sat Curat


The roads and streams are clean, gaily painted garbage bins on the street corners are an invitation to passers-by to join in.

We introduce:


Early in the morning Andrea comes from Ziegental to our „House of the Raven“. Together we say prayers. Prayers which she knows by heart, as she cannot read.

"We go where no one goes."
Fr. Georg Sporschill SJ