Fr. Georg Sporschill SJ and Ruth Zenkert with the children in Romania

We go where the need is greatest.

For almost 900 years the Transylvanian Saxons lived in Romania. After the events of 1989, almost all of them emigrated. Slums formed behind them, Roma families dwell there in tiny huts without running water usually without access to electricity or gas.


In Transylvania - in the three villages, Hosman, Tichindeal and Nou - we are working on various projects to assist the villagers.

Weaving Shop Self-confident women In Tichindeal/Ziegental Roma women have learned to weave carpets on hand looms. The weaving shop is a local branch of the company Tisca in Heltau. Elijah has converted an old barn into a workshop. We look after the worker’s children.

Self-sufficiency for families, gardens and growing vegetables, and the chance to acquire one’s own meat and eggs by raising pigs and chickens.

We have renovated the empty church ruin with its parsonage and school building. Now a social centre with washrooms has been established. The doctor’s practice with a small pharmacy for sick persons has moved in.

We introduce:

Children of the Raven

A rushing and humming sound causes us to look up: great swarms of ravens are circling in the blue sky. Following an inner system they glide apart and together again, as if drawing a picture. Here with us, the ravens even dance. Once a year, all friends and families from our villages gather to make music – we call it the dance of the raven.

"We go where no one goes."
Fr. Georg Sporschill SJ