Weaving Shop Self-confident women In Tichindeal/Ziegental Roma women have learned to weave carpets on hand looms. The weaving shop is a local branch of the company Tisca in Heltau. Elijah has converted an old barn into a workshop. We look after the worker’s children.

Self-sufficiency for families, gardens and growing vegetables, and the chance to acquire one’s own meat and eggs by raising pigs and chickens.

We have renovated the empty church ruin with its parsonage and school building. Now a social centre with washrooms has been established. The doctor’s practice with a small pharmacy for sick persons has moved in.

Many young Roma have never completed their basic schooling and thus have no chance to learn a craft. With the help of our training workshop we want to give them this chance and enable them to provide for themselves and their families independently in the future.

Stella Matutina is the Elijah Community’s centre; it was inaugurated in April 2016.

The roads and streams are clean, gaily painted garbage bins on the street corners are an invitation to passers-by to join in.

Well house Resi. Clean water at last In the Romani huts in Ţichindeal there is no running water, and the trip to the well in the centre of the village is long and arduous. The road is bad and one gets bogged down in the mud whenever it rains. Under these circumstances it is unthinkable […]

Abandoned fields become fruitful. Jobs for young Roma.

Everyone is invited. Specialist teachers teach playing instruments, song and dance. More than 250 pupils practise regularly. In concerts they can show what they have learned.

We have renovated the former public school of the Transylvanian Saxons. Once a beautiful building in the heart of the village, it stood empty, decaying, for twenty years. With our children and their families, life has returned to the new Social Centre.

Every day after school 40 children are served a warm, healthy soup. Then they sit at a long table and do their homework – impossible at home, with neither table nor light.

In Hosman the Centre is the heart of our community. Many, many children press us daily to new tasks.

In the bakery young Roma women help and learn. They bake the bread for all the Elijah social centres.

The house in the middle of Ziegental accommodates the Elijah Community and the workshops. Here women, men and young people have the chance to contribute their services, to gain know-how and thus to earn their daily bread.

None of the huts have running water. The sanitary conditions are indescribable. Together with the locals, we have dug deep wells that provide drinkable water to the population of Ziegental.

Roma families dwell in tiny, shabby huts made of clay, boards and miscellaneous scraps. We help them winterproof their houses.