Music crosses all borders

The ravens learn to fly


Everyone is invited. Specialist teachers teach playing instruments, song and dance. More than 250 pupils practise regularly. In concerts they can show what they have learned. The parents look on proudly.

Harmony is the union of many notes to a complete whole. In Casa Sonja this unison comes into being. What is most incredible is that they learn and play everything by ear alone, almost none have sheet music. Teachers and pupils come from widely different backgrounds. Dark and light, Romanians, Bulgarians, Austrians, Germans, and Japanese – all come together in music and dance. Students teach – and learn themselves.

More and more, the music schools develop their different emphases. Hosman offers Roma music and Jazz, in Casa Thomas in Nou folklore wins in the accordion and saxophone groups. Friendships arise.

Satra Elijah:

Hymn of Elijah