Social Centre Casa Thomas

We have renovated the former public school of the Transylvanian Saxons. Once a beautiful building in the heart of the village, it decayed, empty, for twenty years. With our children and their families, life has returned to the new social centre.
The abandoned German school has become a Social Centre in the middle of the village. This is the contact point for the many Roma families who live in poverty on the outskirts of the village, segregated from society. Women can do their laundry and there are showers and toilets. We counsel young women and girls. There’s a kitchen for the poor where the children in particular can get a warm meal at lunch time. After lunch there is supervised study.
There is space for a music school and the children can let out their enthusiasm and enjoy their talent for music and dance. The Elijah bakery and the gardens supply the Social Centre with bread and vegetables.
Thomas is the apostle of those who question and search. We chose the name in remembrance of a young man who has been called to his Maker. His father donated the house for the children.

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