Social Centre Habakuk

Being able to learn

About 200 people still live in Ziegental; the greater part of the village inhabitants are Roma. The Romanians who used to live here moved to the cities. Most Roma have never finished school, the young girls become mothers. More and more families dwell in the huts at the outskirts of the village: without jobs, without an income, with no prospects. In the huts there is no running water, often no electricity, no table, and the young families can’t manage to bring their children to school. Thus, the problem is perpetuated.

In the Social Centre Habakuk 40 children are served a warm, healthy soup after school every day. Then they sit at a long table and do their homework – impossible at home, with neither table nor light.

Playground Livia

Sad children learn to play here. Without aggression, mixing with others and full of energy. The “Parcul Livia” is the great attraction in Ziegental.

Escort to school

Education in independence

Many children have attended school thanks to support and supervision for their homework. The first ones have started higher education over and above the primary school certificate. For this, they need money for bus tickets or for boarding school – both of which are too much for their families. We support them, and their success infects the others too. More than 30 young people are now attending the secondary school in the nearby city.

Baby club

To become a good mother

The young mothers are hardly yet adults themselves. They don’t visit the doctor; they are ignorant of the care and good nutrition which a new-born needs. Once a week, the girls come with their babies to Lili in the social centre. There they bathe the children, apply skin creams, weigh them, and ask questions. Together, the little ones take their first steps towards a promising life.