A house of study and of hospitality


Stella Matutina is the Elijah Community’s centre; it was inaugurated in April 2016.

The house has five double rooms for our charges, helpers and guests. Its heart is the common and training room, with a training kitchen and housekeeping rooms.

Courses in housekeeping, cooking, garden care and storage of vegetables and fruits are organized for our staff and our charges. Under professional guidance, the girls prepare daily lunch and dinner for the Elijah Community and the boys from the workshops. Thus they acquire practical experience in cookery, laying the tables and serving food.

Via the table culture in the hall, those accustomed to neglect can experience human dignity and respect.

Housekeeping school

Table culture and hygiene

Twenty young Roma girls attend the housekeeping school. Under professional guidance, the girls prepare 60 to 100 helpings of lunch and dinner daily for the Elijah Community and the boys from the workshops.

Art workshop

To foster beauty

In the art workshop young people manufacture clay houses and ravens, they craft colourful paper bags and print artistic cards. Precision is of the essence. The beauty is mirrored in their faces.

Sewing shop

Devotion to detail

In the sewing course girls learn basic techniques for cloth, sewing on buttons, and different types of seams. Using sewing machines was a great incentive. Bags and aprons come into being, clothing is mended and altered.

Training garden and greenhouse

From planting to harvest

A greenhouse and twelve gardens are cared for under professional guidance. The students cultivate the plants themselves and young trainees are educated. In the autumn many women and men help with the harvest: potatoes, organic vegetables and herbs for the Elijah welfare kitchens.